On Saturday 20th January Bromley Living Streets installed a new air quality monitor at Elmers End Free Church on Goddard Road. We hope this monitor will make a valuable contribution to better understand air quality in Elmers End. Once the monitor is connected, real-time data will be available on the Breathe London website.

Image of the air quality monitor installed on the exterior wall of Elmers End Free Church
Breathe London monitor, Elmers End Free Church

The monitor, funded by the Breathe London Community Programme, is Bromley’s fourth node on the Breathe London network, following the installation of monitors at the Beckenham Beacon, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and Orpington Hospital in mid-2022. Bromley Council also maintains an air quality monitor on Harwood Avenue near the Civic Centre, with data available online through the London Air Quality Network.

Bromley Council’s Air Quality Action Plan 2020-2025 identified Elmers End Road as having the highest NO2 concentration in the borough (based on data from diffusion tubes), with an average of 51µg/m³. This exceeds the UK annual average guideline of 40µg/m³ and the WHO annual average guideline of 10µg/m³.

If you are part of a local community or faith group that would be interested in installing an air quality node, please reach out to us at bromleygroup@livingstreets.org.uk. While the Breathe London scheme is not currently offering grants to purchase the monitors, we are looking for alternative funding sources and would love to partner with other local groups.

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