Bromley Living Streets calls on London’s next Mayor to take stronger action on air pollution

We’re proud to join a coalition of local groups calling on London’s next Mayor to commit to stronger action to tackle air pollution, ahead of the Mayoral election on 2 May 2024.

Although substantial progress has been achieved in London, the next Mayor still has an important responsibility to help clean up our air and protect young and old residents from the lifelong impacts of air pollution.

Air pollution is a major public health issue in Bromley, since we have a large population of older residents who are particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of air pollution. Efforts to encourage a shift to less polluting transport modes such as bus, rail, walking or cycling, is constrained as some parts of the borough have limited public transport services and major gaps in provision for safe walking or cycling.

Doctors have voiced their concerns about the ‘devastating health consequences’ of air pollution that they see on a daily basis, and the health and social care costs of air pollution are predicted to reach £18.6 billion/year by 2035 unless action is taken.

The coalition is asking the four main London Mayoral candidates for

  1. An unequivocal commitment for London to meet the latest World Health Organization air pollution guidelines. This needs a roadmap, including financial support where required, to meet interim targets by 2030 at the latest which will include the need to:
    Phase out diesel engines by 2030 (except for specific exemptions).
    Phase out wood burning in open fires and wood stoves by 2030. 
  2. Mayoral leadership on an effective London-wide strategy to roll out School Superzones.
  3. A state-of-the-art website for Londoners to access all air quality monitoring in one place, alongside the latest health evidence, modelling projections and reports.

A more detailed summary of the asks is available here: London Mayoral Election 2024.

Public questions – Bromley Council Environment Committee, 23 January 2024

Questions from the Public for Written Response:

1) The Cargo Revolution Borough Charter is an opportunity for Local Authorities to be part of the transition to a greener economy and help make sure businesses and residents have the best possible chance of making the switch to cargo bikes. Will Bromley Council sign up and if not, then why?

We will not be signing this charter. We do not want to encourage the use of these slow moving and wide cargo bikes on busy roads which will impede other road users.

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Reclaim your street for the Big Lunch 2024

Links Estate Jubilee Street Party, 2022.
Image: Crowdfunder.

Following the success of street parties held across Bromley to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and the King’s Coronation in 2023, Bromley Council is waiving road closure fees for those applying to hold a street party in support of the Big Lunch on June 1 or 2, 2024.

What is the Big Lunch?
From the website: The Big Lunch is the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours and communities, with millions of people coming together for a few hours of food, friendship, and fun. It connects people and encourages friendlier, safer communities where people start to share more – conversations, ideas, skills, resources and friendship.

Find guidance on how to organise a street party here: Big Lunch resources.

How can I apply? Once you have formed a group of neighbours willing to organise and participate in the party, you can apply online here: Street parties and public events. Party organisers are responsible for informing neighbours and managing vehicle access points.

What are the deadlines? Applications must be submitted by March 4, 2024.

Breathe London air quality monitor installed at Elmers End Free Church

On Saturday 20th January Bromley Living Streets installed a new air quality monitor at Elmers End Free Church on Goddard Road. We hope this monitor will make a valuable contribution to better understand air quality in Elmers End. Once the monitor is connected, real-time data will be available on the Breathe London website.

Image of the air quality monitor installed on the exterior wall of Elmers End Free Church
Breathe London monitor, Elmers End Free Church

The monitor, funded by the Breathe London Community Programme, is Bromley’s fourth node on the Breathe London network, following the installation of monitors at the Beckenham Beacon, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and Orpington Hospital in mid-2022. Bromley Council also maintains an air quality monitor on Harwood Avenue near the Civic Centre, with data available online through the London Air Quality Network.

Bromley Council’s Air Quality Action Plan 2020-2025 identified Elmers End Road as having the highest NO2 concentration in the borough (based on data from diffusion tubes), with an average of 51µg/m³. This exceeds the UK annual average guideline of 40µg/m³ and the WHO annual average guideline of 10µg/m³.

If you are part of a local community or faith group that would be interested in installing an air quality node, please reach out to us at While the Breathe London scheme is not currently offering grants to purchase the monitors, we are looking for alternative funding sources and would love to partner with other local groups.

Public consultation: Anerley Hill/Anerley Road proposed bus priority and pedestrian safety improvements

Bromley Council is currently consulting on a scheme to improve pedestrian safety and the reliability and punctuality of bus services on Anerley Hill/Anerley Road, between Crystal Palace Parade and Seymour Villas.

Proposed changes at intersection of Anerley Hill and Terrace Straight (entrance to Crystal Palace Park)

The proposed scheme includes:

  • Several lengths of bus lane to give priority to buses (within the current road space)
  • A new zebra crossing immediately to the north of the Thicket Road and Versailles Road junction
  • Continuous pavement crossings at side road junctions (also known as Copenhagen crossings)
  • The re-designs of the Terrace Straight and Anerley Park junctions to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross.
  • A new pedestrian crossing point immediately to the north of the Terrace Straight junction
  • Additional car parking near the junction of Hamlet Road to help support local businesses.

View the detailed drawings here: Anerley Hill/Anerley Road proposals

How to contribute:

  1. Complete the online questionnaire
  2. Attend the public exhibition at Anerley Town Hall, Tuesday 23rd January between 14:30-19:30
  3. Contact us at to share any comments or issues that you would like to raise to our attention

The consultation closes on Thursday 1st February.

New Beckenham Station underpass – concerns over new barriers

In November 2023 Bromley Council installed new barriers at the underpass next to New Beckenham Station, pictured below.

Photo showing chicane barriers at the entrance to the underpass by New Beckenham Station

Shortly after these were installed, we contacted ward councillors and council officials to raise concerns about the design of these barriers. Specifically the gap of ~1.15m between each barrier creates a very tight path for anyone travelling on a mobility scooter or wheelchair, using a cargo bike or handcycle (when dismounted), or with a double buggy.

As far as we know, council officials are considering whether the barriers could be adjusted to improve accessibility. We will continue to pursue this issue as the underpass is a key link for walking, cycling and wheeling around Beckenham, and maintaining access for users is essential. Please contact us at if you would like to get involved, or have concerns you would like to raise.

Public questions – Bromley Council Environment Committee, 16 November 2023

Questions from the Public for Oral Response:

1) Items 14e and 14f [p261] of the agenda regarding South Eden Park Rd and roundabout safety scheme and Local Implementation Plan. While welcoming the proposals to mitigate accidents to road and pavement users at the roundabout, I’d like to know why there are no proposals to improve the safety of children and parents who cross South Eden Park road between Harvington Estate, and Unicorn School every day, without a safe crossing, or methods to slow traffic down. There are also concerns about the extremely narrow pavements along this road making pedestrians vulnerable to pollution and possible accidents. What is being done to make this a safe place for your residents to use?

Officers are looking at how crossing facilities might be improved near Creswell Drive.

Supplementary: What will it take for the Council to get on and make this area safe for our schoolchildren. I would really like to see some work done on this crossing, something to slow the traffic down as its extremely dangerous for parents and children who are trying to cross every day.

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Car-free family days out for half term

Entertaining children and enjoying family time together doesn’t have to come with the stress and financial cost of driving: being stuck in traffic congestion, searching for a parking spot, and paying sky-high fuel prices.

Here are seven ideas for family activities and destinations that can be reached using Bromley’s rail or bus networks. Please share any recommendations of your own in the comments.

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Kidical Mass Bromley – next ride Sunday 29 October

Join us on the next Kidical Mass bike ride in Bromley on 29 October! Meet 11am at Bromley South Station, or 10am for the feeder ride from Beckenham Green.

Part of the global Kidical Mass movement, Kidical Mass Bromley is a group of local residents who run family-friendly cycle rides and call for safe streets for everyone. Bromley Living Streets is one of the local organisations supporting Kidical Mass Bromley. We hope these ride will highlight the urgent need for safer, cleaner, and healthier streets for everyone.

Johanna Johansson, founding member of Kidical Mass Bromley and one of the organisers of the first ride on 30 October 2022 said: “Bicycles are the main means of transport for our family of three. We rarely see other families on cycles locally. I hope this ride will bring cycling families together and encourage more to cycle.”

Public questions – Bromley Council Environment Committee, 7 September 2023

Questions from the Public for Oral Response:
1) What are the financial savings and reductions in carbon emissions for the proposed installations of the solar panels at the council owned Spa and Pavilion centres and will the Council use its influence to ensure that Mytime signs off this project?

There are no financial savings to the Council arising from the installation of solar panels at Beckenham Spa or the Pavilion Leisure Centre, as the Council are not responsible for utilities at these sites, which are leased to Mytime Active on a full repairing and insuring basis. Any question on potential savings or on the reduction in carbon emissions, which are not measured by the Council, should be directed to Mytime.

Officers met with Mytime and SELCE in August and have agreed that the Council will, as Landlord, provide its consent should Mytime wish to proceed with this project.

Supplementary Question: The savings to the spa as I understand it are in the region of £456.00k The cost to the Council and the Spa would be nil as the cost will be borne by public share offers as has occurred elsewhere in Lewisham and Greenwich. If the spa is unable to sign off this agreement then they may come back to the Council to ask for more financial support. This is going to generate substantial carbon savings and should be in line with Council policy. Do you have any influence with My Time to enable the project to be signed off and to subsequently present a report to committee concerning the making of all of My Time and properties owned by the Council climate change

I believe that this matter sits with the Property Team. I would suggest contacting Councillor Bear to see if she could bring this matter to the Renewal & Recreation Housing PDS Committee.

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