We’re proud to join a coalition of local groups calling on London’s next Mayor to commit to stronger action to tackle air pollution, ahead of the Mayoral election on 2 May 2024.

Although substantial progress has been achieved in London, the next Mayor still has an important responsibility to help clean up our air and protect young and old residents from the lifelong impacts of air pollution.

Air pollution is a major public health issue in Bromley, since we have a large population of older residents who are particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of air pollution. Efforts to encourage a shift to less polluting transport modes such as bus, rail, walking or cycling, is constrained as some parts of the borough have limited public transport services and major gaps in provision for safe walking or cycling.

Doctors have voiced their concerns about the ‘devastating health consequences’ of air pollution that they see on a daily basis, and the health and social care costs of air pollution are predicted to reach £18.6 billion/year by 2035 unless action is taken.

The coalition is asking the four main London Mayoral candidates for

  1. An unequivocal commitment for London to meet the latest World Health Organization air pollution guidelines. This needs a roadmap, including financial support where required, to meet interim targets by 2030 at the latest which will include the need to:
    Phase out diesel engines by 2030 (except for specific exemptions).
    Phase out wood burning in open fires and wood stoves by 2030. 
  2. Mayoral leadership on an effective London-wide strategy to roll out School Superzones.
  3. A state-of-the-art website for Londoners to access all air quality monitoring in one place, alongside the latest health evidence, modelling projections and reports.

A more detailed summary of the asks is available here: London Mayoral Election 2024.

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