Bromley Living Streets is a group of residents in the London Borough of Bromley, campaigning for safer, quieter streets suitable for all people and all modes of travel, particularly walking, cycling and public transport. We do this as volunteers because we believe it is the right thing to do for the people of Bromley and for the planet. By getting more people walking and cycling, we can reduce the number of car journeys, reduce air pollution, create healthier communities and attract business and investment into our high streets.

At present, Bromley Living Streets has members in six wards in the London Borough of Bromley. Since our first meeting, we have taken our agenda forward through a number of local campaigns in the wards we live in, as well as by working together to engage with Borough-wide organisations and initiatives.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and we recognise that other local people, organisations and bodies are already doing things that are moving Bromley neighbourhoods and communities in the direction we want to travel. Since our group formed in 2018, we have prioritised making contact with these other groups and identifying effective ways for Bromley Living Streets to complement the work they are already doing.

Bromley Living Streets is a Local Group of Living Streets, the national charity for everyday walking.

Our objectives

To create a network of groups who share our vision and support other resident-led projects across Bromley Borough

To encourage residents to work together to create ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ incorporating Low Traffic or Liveable Neighbourhoods .

To support delivery of the Councils relevant LIP3 Proposals

How we aim to meet them

Engaging proactively and positively with Bromley Council (councillors and council officers) as part of ‘Building a Better Bromley’  

Organising public events to share information, learn from the experiences of others to maintain momentum and relevance

Developing other appropriate ways to share information and offer advice and support to residents, such as a website and a Bromley Living Streets “Toolkit” document

Building and maintaining effective relationships with other local, national and international stakeholders to ensure our actions and approaches are complementary

Maintaining a social media presence and building a database of supporters 

We will…

Set up Liaison Meetings with other stakeholders to plan change

Develop our social media and News Links

Set up meetings with the Leader of Bromley Council, the CEO and other officers to press for change